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[0158317] 16 minute behind the scenes video of tonight’s shoot! Enjoy, loves. [2017-04-14].mp4 – 32.1 MB
[0158351] Video messages are a part of this page. I love talking to you all and live that you keep me company throughout my day (…) [2017-04-14].mp4 – 62.4 MB
[0158952] In a rush to get ready for my TS shoot this morning. I’m so damn excited! I want to do so much more of this genre…..hopefully, (…) [2017-04-14].mp4 – 43.1 MB
[0159196] I just arrived, on set, to do a TS scene…..this is going to be so much fun! @thenataliemars #AJLovesHerFans #TNT [2017-04-14].mp4 – 35.9 MB
[0159265] Natalie taking still shots! @thenataliemars #AJLOVESTSWOMEN #AJLovesHerFans #TNT [2017-04-14].mp4 – 31.6 MB
[0180615] Today, like the last few days, is a constant stream of, ”GO! GO! GO!” I was able to buy a new phone, with a better camera. (…) [2017-04-25].mp4 – 6.2 MB
[0183831] Testing my camera skills. Enjoy! [2017-04-27].mp4 – 19.2 MB
[0204699] Holy fuck, I’m tired….. today is going to hurt….. ugh. [2017-05-06].mp4 – 82.8 MB
[0204828] I’m silly, on set. Phuq it, I’ll entertain myself. [2017-05-06].mp4 – 60.5 MB
[0213665] I figured out how I bruised my face. Hehehe…… [2017-05-10].mp4 – 208.2 MB
[0218709] Gotta beat feet….. where in the heck did that phrase come from? Lol….. goodness. I’m still hopped up on my triple (…) [2017-05-12].mp4 – 317.1 MB
[0233623] Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage. Only here for OnlyFans! [2017-05-19].mp4 – 17.8 MB
[0233627] There will be several of these….. [2017-05-19].mp4 – 12.6 MB
[0234008] I effing swear….a three hour shoot turns into a seven hour event…… fuck. Rookies……. [2017-05-19].mp4 – 5.8 MB
[0234832] I hired the most advanced cinematographer to shoot this scene, for my website. His photography and editing yield such (…) [2017-05-19].mp4 – 16.9 MB
[0235624] You guys are going to get a sneak peak at lots of footage. I really hope you enjoy these. [2017-05-19].mp4 – 28.6 MB
[0252774] On set, washing the tan line from my feet. Lol…… The producer said the tan line was cool, but, the director was happy (…) [2017-05-27].mp4 – 72.1 MB
[0275653] Buon giorno! Some video love for my OnlyFans members! [2017-06-06].mp4 – 33.9 MB
[0276124] Preop appointment pictures!! The appointment is going very well, my impending size WILL BE 2400ccs!! [2017-06-06].mp4 – 27.7 MB
[0318489] Only for my OnlyFans members, my new breasts are revealed! They’re still swollen, but have absolutely no bruising. Although (…) [2017-06-23].mp4 – 18.7 MB
[0331607] I’m impressed, by the stecatto of the superbly tunnel visioned. FYI, if a choice or habit interrupts the path to success, (…) [2017-06-27].mp4 – 226.9 MB
[0373518] A video treat for my lovelies. I’m getting back into the gym and I’m a little sore. I LOVE giving my new ladies an oiled (…) [2017-07-12].mp4 – 115.7 MB
[0379518] You know me as Alura, a name I chose on the way to my first XXX shoot. I was so nervous, (and excited), that I couldn’t (…) [2017-07-14].mp4 – 39.4 MB
[0385588] Oh my goodness….. #2000CCs looking mighty fine in their very first bra! I can already tell, these are going to be my (…) [2017-07-16].mp4 – 28.1 MB
[0415007] Just because. [2017-07-27].mp4 – 1.6 MB
[0421816] Sunday succulent, a look at the ladies before heading to the airport. Doing ‘Support the Troops’, welcoming home returning (…) [2017-07-30].mp4 – 31.9 MB
[0432683] Sending a good morning to you all. I owe a debt of gratitude to my members, who’ve been gracious during my recovery. (…) [2017-08-03].mp4 – 166.1 MB
[0435951] It is said that every time a woman shaves and doesn’t get laid, a unicorn dies. Save the endangered species! [2017-08-04].mp4 – 88.2 MB
[0443209] [2017-08-07].mp4 – 22.3 MB
[0447826] A little late night love. I’ve been shooting every single day. My goodness…… thinking of you! [2017-08-09].mp4 – 41.1 MB
[0449286] Worked up quite a thirst at the gym. [2017-08-09].mp4 – 19.6 MB
[0452034] The size of the video had to be minimized in order to upload it. In an alternate universe, I’ve got a full-time IT guy (…) [2017-08-10].mp4 – 10.4 MB
[0473654] A good morning type of love….. [2017-08-18].mp4 – 13.9 MB
[0493050] Good morning! [2017-08-25].mp4 – 15.0 MB
[0536058] I made it home safely. I’ve got to tell you all, my recent travels have been eye opening. In Las Vegas, the airport was (…) [2017-09-09].mp4 – 2.4 MB
[0557339] [2017-09-16].mp4 – 17.2 MB
[0562151] [2017-09-18].mp4 – 11.4 MB
[0588042] [2017-09-26].mp4 – 1.7 MB
[0622556] Shhhhh….. everyone is still asleep! Getting into the shower. [2017-10-07].mp4 – 1.6 MB
[0623088] I am so AMPED to do this scene. [2017-10-07].mp4 – 13.5 MB
[0632528] What am I doing? [2017-10-10].mp4 – 5.0 MB
[0634749] Yeah!! I got great news that will definitely make you all smile! [2017-10-10].mp4 – 10.6 MB
[0641284] Good morning, loves! My schedule is a great big middle finger to predictability and structure. Holy Hell, my day is never (…) [2017-10-12].mp4 – 18.6 MB
[0664619] I’m ready to be infiltrated. My body is screaming, beckoning, insisting. [2017-10-18].mp4 – 31.7 MB
[0672679] Got a little work done! A special thank you to my sponsor, who made my new, bad ass curves possible! [2017-10-21].mp4 – 3.6 MB
[0704526] Over the last 12 days, I’ve completed a game of chicken with Father Time. Yes, I’ve been fortunate to have more fine (…) [2017-10-30].mp4 – 17.6 MB
[0706700] On set with the insanely sexy, omg-I-can’t-wait-to-do-her, @isislove She’s so crazy beautiful. Oh my God. [2017-10-30].mp4 – 15.6 MB
[0730031] Just because. [2017-11-06].mp4 – 8.0 MB
[0733603] I’m feeling much better today! Woo! That cold kicked my butt. Sassy…. [2017-11-07].mp4 – 7.0 MB
[0745894] Oh yes. This is what a woman does after receiving a holiday pounding. [2017-11-11].mp4 – 4.1 MB
[0810738] Behind the scenes, porn photo shoot! [2017-11-28].mp4 – 24.2 MB
[0942908] I’m in the mood. [2018-01-03].mp4 – 3.7 MB
[0961268] Taking a 6 mile run to watch the Bills vs Jaguars! [2018-01-07].mp4 – 40.6 MB
[0961309] Being bad on my jog. Lol [2018-01-07].mp4 – 5.5 MB
[0966439] Doing something slightly illegal here. Lol…….(no cameras were allowed in the gym. I was in the mood, though. ) [2018-01-08].mp4 – 45.8 MB
[0969164] A nekkid chit chat. [2018-01-09].mp4 – 87.0 MB
[0992463] Testing the video conversion….please comment if you can see it. [2018-01-15].mp4 – 32.6 MB
[0992603] I think I figured it out! Please, be patient with me while I learn this program. I could probably assist emergency injuries, (…) [2018-01-15].mp4 – 90.9 MB
[0994328] Sometimes, all a woman needs, to get the day started, is an enormous, ebony treat! [2018-01-15].mp4 – 31.5 MB
[0998588] Please, forgive the raw nature of this clip. I’m still learning the editing program. This is a clip from a ten person orgy! [2018-01-16].mp4 – 19.6 MB
[1004380] Making an executive decision. [2018-01-18].mp4 – 15.5 MB
[1005176] This is hilarious…the sound doesn’t sync with the video, I have no idea why. It’s like watching a 1950’s Godzilla movie. (…) [2018-01-18].mp4 – 588.3 MB
[1021348] 100%, only here on OnlyFans, behind the scenes footage! (Long and PG13, X- rated stuff will be uploaded tonight!) [2018-01-22].mp4 – 61.5 MB
[1021979] Behind the scenes of scene number two, with Chris Cardio, director Juicy Jazmynne, for my OnlyFans and alurajensonxxx [2018-01-23].mp4 – 46.6 MB
[1022610] A teaser clip from one of tonight’s scenes! I’m editing the Dolly Fox footage now! [2018-01-23].mp4 – 83.0 MB
[1027315] Some good ‘ole American gushing! [2018-01-24].mp4 – 57.2 MB
[1045841] I swear, I thought he was going to tear me in half! I’m going through more footage and I’ll be uploading more in just (…) [2018-01-29].mp4 – 107.2 MB
[1045956] This was a trippy scene,I was a bit more rubenesque at the time, but, I wanted to share this with you. The energy is (…) [2018-01-29].mp4 – 27.9 MB
[1045975] Just an extra bj for your Monday smiles! [2018-01-29].mp4 – 15.9 MB
[1054700] [2018-01-31].mp4 – 4.0 MB
[1057781] Finally here! Some very satisfying carpet munching….. [2018-02-01].mp4 – 19.1 MB
[1057792] Because the Superbowl is in three days! Gets me all riled up. [2018-02-01].mp4 – 8.6 MB
[1061797] [2018-02-02].mp4 – 26.1 MB
[1063582] Sometimes, THIS happens on set. [2018-02-03].mp4 – 14.9 MB
[1082278] [2018-02-08].mp4 – 32.8 MB
[1101491] [2018-02-13].mp4 – 9.0 MB
[1101534] In his first,ever, adult production, I introduce Billy Boston! New adult stars work in scenes in a lighter capacity, (…) [2018-02-13].mp4 – 19.7 MB
[1101798] Line of the century: ” If you slap my ass again, I’ll stab you with my shoe.” Lol……. [2018-02-13].mp4 – 60.5 MB
[1115002] I love the way this gigantic BBC stretches my pussy! [2018-02-16].mp4 – 45.2 MB
[1129341] A little foot porn. I know there are a few of you out there who love women’s feet. I’m in Tampa, Fla for the day. Thought (…) [2018-02-20].mp4 – 15.5 MB
[1142129] [2018-02-23].mp4 – 67.5 MB
[1162380] Sex. I’m always thinking about the dick. A rigid,throbbing, overwhelming prize to claim. Yours, I’m calling to you to (…) [2018-02-28].mp4 – 39.4 MB
[1181052] A little Monday love! [2018-03-05].mp4 – 4.7 MB
[1210757] Please bear with me….this is a scene that I found in my archives that’s never been published. I wanted to share it (…) [2018-03-12].mp4 – 246.5 MB
[1227509] This was such a monumental scene- On this particular day, my costar was just transitioning from his native city of Philadelphia (…) [2018-03-16].mp4 – 32.6 MB
[1290766] A pick-me-up if you’re recovering from a long week……more to come today! [2018-03-31].mp4 – 47.7 MB
[1336125] Such an exciting bit to share with you all. This performer was picked up by an adult male modeling agency, specializing (…) [2018-04-11].mp4 – 112.7 MB
[1336321] In this part of the production, my costar needed to be taught about camera angles, about the chronological structure (…) [2018-04-11].mp4 – 75.0 MB
[1336418] To spare you all the entirety of watching a raw shoot, I’ve narrowed the segments down into tolerable lengths. In this (…) [2018-04-11].mp4 – 104.4 MB
[1372379] Here it is! The only full length scene to be posted to this page. There are a few things I would like for you to keep (…) [2018-04-19].mp4 – 513.9 MB

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