[LadyBellatrix.com] Latex & Rubber Video Pack Siterip

I am a Strict British Mistress living in Paris, France. I am a Professional Dominatrix and My speciality is
Heavy Rubber. Femdom is My life! I like doing weird things in gas masks. I’ve been producing Femdom videos
since 2012 and have an eclectic collection which I will be unveiling here. PROMO: to get you slaves through
the apocalypse, I am keeping My Model Hub fan club subscription at just $9.98 to stream 130+ videos with 15%
off on downloads (that will cost you less per month than your anti-depressant perscriptions)

In this pack there are 46 videos from Lady Bellatrix @ her Pornhub Premium account, her modelhub acount & her clips4sale shop.

The videos contains this latex dominatrix treating her slaves with som cbt, strap-on fucking & fisting them in their ass,
playing with them dressed up as a rubberdoll, forcing them to suck her strap-on, making them worship her latex covered
body, she also masturbates with vibrator and dildo while talking down to you and teasing you. She also wears a gasmask.

Latex, Latex Fetish, Latex Catsuit, Rubber Fetish, High Heels, Strap-on, Dildo, POV, Latex Gloves, Latex Hood,
Gas-Mask, Vacbed, Latex Dress, Cock & Ball Torture, Rubberdoll, Solo Masturbating, JOI, Tease and more.

Clips4sale.zip – 34.6 MB
Videos on ubiqfile.com:
Extreme Ass Play Grand Finale.mp4 – 206.2 MB
Ferocious Ballbusting by the Latex Mistresses with Miss Xi.mp4 – 836.4 MB
Latex Dress Worship.mp4 – 184.9 MB
Lick My Skanky OTK Boots.mp4 – 507.5 MB

Thumnails.zip – 1.8 MB
Videos on ubiqfile.com:
Extreme Ass Play – Loser Slave Meets Heavy Rubber Dominatrix In Gas Mask.mp4 – 57.4 MB
Gas Mask Strap On – Lady Bellatrix Fucks Rubber Slave In Sling.mp4 – 166.3 MB
Mummified, Inflated And Examined – Lady Bellatrix Extended Dungeon Bondage.mp4 – 1.1 GB
Revenge Of The White Latex Lesbians &_40;Squirting Teaser&_41;.mp4 – 201.6 MB
Screams And Whispers – A Femdom Tale In Latex &_40;FULL Version&_41;.mp4 – 573.9 MB
The Sixty Stoke Countdown – Lady Bellatrix In Extreme Caning.mp4 – 214.7 MB

Thumnails.zip – 11.3 MB
Bellatrix In The Bunker &_40;Full Version&_41; Heavy Rubber Dominatrix In Latex.mp4 – 787.7 MB
Bootplug Assfuck While Mistress Wanks – Lady Bellatrix Multitasks In Latex.mp4 – 114.1 MB
Drink My Spit To Worship My Latex – Lady Bellatrix In Spitting Fetish Pov.mp4 – 63.9 MB
Fucking His Rubber Brains Out With My Strap-On.mp4 – 168.8 MB
Gas Mask Mistress In Leather – Lady Bellatrix In Her British S-10 Gasmask.mp4 – 160.2 MB
Heavy Rubber Punishment – Lady Bellatrix Torments Slave In A Dungeon.mp4 – 258.8 MB
Joi And Cei Programming – Lady Bellatrix Mind Fucks You In Red Latex.mp4 – 62.6 MB
Lady Bellatrix – Latex Mistress Wanks While You Watch – Pornhub – Master.mp4 – 317.4 MB
Lady Bellatrix In Amsterdam North – Shining My Latex Catsuit &_40;Promo Video&_41;.mp4 – 31.8 MB
Latex Glove Handjob For Gimp – Heavy Rubber Dominatrix Femdom Handjob.mp4 – 212.7 MB
Latex Glove Worshipping Slave – Lady Bellatrix Teases U With Latex Gloves.mp4 – 153.3 MB
Latex Mistress Fucks And Fists His Ass – Lady Bellatrix Fisting And Strapon.mp4 – 339.8 MB
Latex Mistress In Gasmask Wank – Lady Bellatrix Wanks In Front Of 2 Slaves.mp4 – 155.2 MB
Losing Your Anal Virginity To My Strap On – Lady Bellatrix Take Ur Cherry.mp4 – 265.6 MB
Mistress Gas Mask Challenge – Lady Bellatrix S-10 Gasmask Breath Play Pov.mp4 – 137.6 MB
Mummified, Inflated & Examined – Lady Bellatrix Latex Bdsm Dungeon &_40;Teaser&_41;.mp4 – 127.8 MB
Mummified, Inflated And Examined – Lady Bellatrix Extended Dungeon Bondage.mp4 – 357.5 MB
My Parisienne Slave Girl – Lady Bellatrix In Latex Catsuit & Female Slave.mp4 – 110.6 MB
Nipple Torture For My Slutty Rubber Doll – Lady Bellatrix & Gaelle Lagalle.mp4 – 166.5 MB
Rubber Gimp Gets Face Fucked – Lady Bellatrix Makes Latex Slave Suck Dildo.mp4 – 217.0 MB
Rubber Gimp Worships Boots – Heavy Rubber Dominatrix With Latex Boot Licker.mp4 – 164.8 MB
Rubber Slave Becomes Human Ashtray – Lady Bellatrix Smokes With Latex Slave.mp4 – 99.7 MB
Rubber Slave Cock And Ball Torture – Lady Bellatrix In Heavy Rubber Cbt.mp4 – 141.9 MB
Screams And Whispers – A Femdom Tale In Latex &_40;Full Version&_41;.mp4 – 631.4 MB
Screams And Whispers – A Femdom Tale In Latex &_40;Teaser Version&_41;.mp4 – 212.9 MB
Short Dick Cocksucker – Lady Bellatrix In Verbal Humilation Sph.mp4 – 25.8 MB
Slave Rewarded With A Foot Job – Lady Bellatrix Latex Catsuit Footjob Cei.mp4 – 266.0 MB
Slutty Rubber Doll Worships Boots & Feet – Lady Bellatrix & Gaelle Lagalle.mp4 – 185.5 MB
Smoke And Rubber – Heavy Rubber Dominatrix Smoking Fetish.mp4 – 102.6 MB
The Cock Whisperer Locked For For Latex Lust – Lady Bellatrix Chastity Pov.mp4 – 42.7 MB
Two Rubber Slaves Compete For The Ultimate Reward – Facesitting In Latex.mp4 – 347.1 MB
Two Rubber Slaves In Slings – Lady Bellatrix Dominates 2 Slaves In Dungeon.mp4 – 216.7 MB
Vaccumed Rubber Slut – Lady Bellatrix Puts Slave In Latx Vac Bed In Dungeon.mp4 – 114.1 MB
Whipping My Slutty Rubber Doll – Lady Bellatrix Flogging Gaelle Lagalle.mp4 – 183.6 MB
Worship The Rubber Queen In Her Throne – Lady Bellatrix In Heavy Rubber.mp4 – 148.4 MB

[LadyBellatrix com] Latex & Rubber Video Pack [MP4][45 Clips] [Fetish Syndicate]
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